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Thoughtful design incorporates brand goals while participating in best practices for that specific genre. This not only requires a team of experienced designers who have worked across multiple formats, languages, genres and workflows, but a project management team that understands how to build books collaboratively. The Book Buddy design team focuses on stunning visuals while meeting the mark on every detail with consistency across your entire project. Whether a textbook, a workbook, a fictional novel, a graphic novel, or even text in other languages, having the experienced design team at Book Buddy bring your vision to life will allow you to meet the moment. One of our extra special skills is the ability to work collaboratively with the design teams of our publishing partners to become their staff extensions, following existing templates, matching design to style guides, and allowing them to scaler production to meet demand.

Short Fiction Typesetting

Short Fiction Typesetting
Series Nonfiction Typesetting
Graphic Novel Typesetting
Curriculum Material Typesetting
Manga Typesetting
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