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Book Buddy Media's experienced team of voiceover talent, sound engineers, proofers, and project managers use a proven process to turn your content into world-class, market-ready audio. Our full-service audio production team has produced over 10,000 audiobooks for more than 100 publishers, encompassing projects in virtually every genre and any world language. Our award-winning audio production team offers the highest quality audio at affordable prices thanks to our innovative system of remote production pioneered over ten years ago. From author-recorded projects and podcasts to longform and educational audiobooks narrated by professional VO talent, our team is ready to bring your story to life.

Longform Faith-based Audiobook
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Longform Faith-based Audiobook
Longform Self-Empowerment Audiobook
Longform SFX
Educational Fiction
Educational Poetry
Graphic Novel SFX
Longform Business Success
English Longform Fiction
Educational Nonfiction
Spanish Children's SFX
Children's Nonfiction
Spanish Longform Nonfiction
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