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BBM has been bringing in a bunch of new children’s book illustration projects! We’ll keep putting forward our many existing talent partners for appropriate books, but are looking for more great illustrators to meet the client demand!  Our greatest current casting needs are for elementary school leveled readers and decodables, but we’re always looking to expand our database of great talent! If you, or someone you know is a skilled freelance illustrator with quick turnaround, now’s the time get that portfolio together and contact BBM!

  • Liaise with the art department regarding the brief for the project

  • Design with audience in mind, have a basic understanding of the text

  • Present drafts of the illustrations for approval

  • Work to a schedule

  • Supply final artwork to set specifications

Current Needs:

  • Illustrations for elementary school leveled readers

  • Illustrations for decodables

We are a team of publishing professionals, project managers, editors, designers, animators, sound engineers, illustrators, and writers. We offer reliable and affordable services for any publishing project or content development collaboration, with a special expertise in K-12 school publishing. We enter each project as an extension of our client’s team, helping them solve the problem of having to staff up and then down as they pursue opportunities. We are a happy team of remote creatives. We like to make each other laugh and support each other, putting a high priority on life enjoyment and balance.
Our team is diverse. We seek out and celebrate team members who bring unique perspectives to our work. This means you’ll be working alongside folks from many ethnic, religious, and racial backgrounds, as well as queer, gender non-conforming, and neurodivergent communities. We welcome everything that makes you you and maintain high standards for respect and inclusion in our work world every day.

Interested in the role? Apply here!

To apply, please email with a brief introduction, your resume (including relevant experience), link to your portfolio, and the job title in the subject of your email. Thank you!

Children's Book Illustration
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